Messy Church at Home 

messy at home 


Saturday 13th February 2021
Time: Whenever you like!

Venue: At your house



Welcome to Messy Church at Home. This session is designed to help all ages understand the importance of prayer. Jesus' followers asked him to teach them how to pray. He answered by teaching them this prayer (see below). Why don't you try joining in?

How to Use this Page

  • Remember, Messy Church is for ALL AGES so do the activities together as a family and get involved in exploring the theme by discussing the ‘Talk About’ points.
  • Click on the videos to watch the craft demonstrations and the celebration message and songs.
  • We would love for you to send in photos of you taking part in this Messy Church at Home – please email them to and we will put them up on our church website, Instagram and Facebook.


Here are ideas to explore this month's Bible Story using things we have provided in your 'Messy Church craft bag' - or if you haven't got one, be creative and have a look around the house to see if you can find something that will do the same or similar job. Your ideas might be even better!

This month we are looking at prayer and exploring why it is so important for us to do. There are some thoughts explaining what prayer is, how to pray as well as some prayers you can try praying for yourself (although the ones you make up yourself are often the best ones to pray!).

Lord's Prayer Wall Hanging

You will need: lolly sticks, the Lord’s prayer strips, ribbon, sticky tape, glue
Instructions: Arrange lolly sticks one on top of the other on the long edge, use sticky-tape to connect the sticks together. Arrange the Lord’s Prayer strips of paper into the order in which you think it goes (it doesn’t matter if you get it wrong). Use glue to stick them onto the lolly sticks. Then attach the ribbon using sticky-tape or glue. Finally colour in the prayer.
Talk about:  Jesus’s followers asked him how to pray and he taught them this prayer. Discuss the different parts of the prayer, which bits are about us, which bits are about God and which bits are about others. Hang it up and let in inspire you to pray.

Cup Telephone

You will need: paper cups, string, stickers, memory verse
Instructions: Stick stickers and the memory verse on your paper cups and/or you could colour it. Pull the string through the hole in the bottom and tie with a knot big enough that it won’t fall back through the hole. Do this at both ends of the string. Try talking through your cup-phone, make sure the string is tight!
Talk about: how we can talk to God at any time, it’s just like picking up a phone! God wants us to talk to him just like we talk to our family, about anything and everything. He’s not far away and we don’t have to do anything special like kneel or hold our hands together. We can just talk to him as if he’s our Mum or Dad, because that’s exactly who he is!

Prayer Dice

prayer dice

You will need: cube template (click on the picture to print off your own), scissors, pens, glue
Instructions:  On each side of your template write/draw something that you could pray about. E.g. family, friends, thanks, sorry, please, wow. Once this is designed and coloured cut it out and stick the flaps together to create a cube.
Talk about: how we can pray about anything. Roll the dice a few times and each say a prayer based on what it lands on. Keep your dice somewhere you can see and try to regularly use it to help you pray.


Here’s this month's Celebration. The video contains a Christmas song, a sock-puppet show of the Bible story, a song,  a short talk explaining the story and a prayer.


Eat Together 

As it is so cold - why not try having a bowl of nice warm soup (your choice of flavour) with some nice crunchy bread to dip into it? Pray together before the meal and thank God for the food.

Mealtime Talk About:
  • talk about how both people need to be able to speak in order to have a conversation
  • what is your favourite flavour of soup?