Barnabas Team 


What's it all about?

Building relationships and further developing mutual care within the church.

What is it?

Volunteers from within the church congregation form the Barnabas Team. Each team member is matched with a member of the church who has requested support. They intentionally make regular contact with that person and commit to pray for them.

Who can benefit from structured mutual care from the Barnabas Team?

Anyone in our church who would like someone to regularly pray for them and ask how they are!

It is not intended to be reciprocal. Those on the Barnabas Team do not expect to receive care from the person they are connected with. However, Barnabas Team members may also like to benefit from structured mutual care and be matched with anothe member of the Barnabas Team.

How Does It Work?

If you would like to be part of the Barnabas Team, or want to request support from the team, please email our church office via our Contact Us page. We will then prayerfully match you with someone. We will then get in touch with you to let you know who that person is so that the relationship can begin.

The method of communication and frequency can be agreed individually but should be no more than once a week and no less than once a month.

What it is not

We realise that deeper friendships may develop along the way, but this is not to be expected as a given. Each member of the Barnabas Team will be committed to praying for the person they are matched with and asking how they are regularly - nothing more.

For matters of deeper more personal need, please speak to an Overseer.

How can I sign up?

Either you can speak to the welcome team on a Sunday morning or e-mail