Thank You!armenian minstries

I am writing on behalf of Armenian Ministries to say a heartfelt thank you for your very kind donation of £2035 for the work of the Lord among the poor in Armenia.

In the last few months the work of Armenian Ministries has taken on a new level of intensity and urgency. It has been an emotional and sad time for many, and at times the situation of the country and the personal needs of the people who have come to ask for help have seemed almost overwhelming. The war, the terribly sad loss of lives, the loss of lands and the resultant refugee crisis and of course, the ever-present threat of coronavirus, with its resultant economical crises, has affected many of the homes that we have come into contact with in Armenia. At such times, it is of great comfort to be able to encourage ourselves in the Lord, and of much comfort to be surrounded by His people, and we thank you so much for your care and encouragement. Thank you for sharing the burdens with us. As the dear Armenians often say at such times – may God replenish and bless the pocket which this kind gift came from so much so that it overflows!